About Me

cropped-mlis-pic.jpeg   My name is Scott Jones, I am a MLIS (Master of Library and Information Sciences) graduate out of the University of Western Ontario. I  am currently the Chief Librarian and CEO at the Laurentian Hills Public Library where I manage both the Point Alexander and Chalk River Branches of the library.  My goal with this blog is to inform people of my development and thoughts as an LIS professional. Some interests that have developed during my time at UWO include copyright law and interpretation, The future of librarians in a changing world, as well as neutrality and librarianship.

Recent Conferences

Presented on Digitization at Library 2.015 Conference in October, 2015

Attended Ontario Library Services North Conference in September, 2015

Attended Library 2.014 Conference in October, 2014

Attended New Humans of Librarianship Conference in March, 2014

Attended and Volunteered at OLA Super Conference in January 2014

Presented at ‘Fims Graduate Student Conference’ – Oct 5th, 2013

Attended ‘Imagining the Future: Frankenlibraries or Librarytopia’ – Oct 8th, 2013


About this blog

I originally started this blog as a place to let people entering the MLIS program at western know what they could expect. When I was researching UWO MLIS only one blog came up. In response to that dismal search I decided to inform my fellow students of my experiences. As my first semester closed and second semester began an assignment in LIS9005 allowed me to expand the blog to a more professional aim. Though the focus during my studies will be on my MLIS experience at Western it will also include special interest topics and issues in the field of Library Sciences


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Chris

    Just found your blog and wondering if I can send you a quick email to chat about how you’re finding it at Western and some resources. I know many people who’ve graduated already, but none in the program at the moment and I’m thinking of starting there in January. I’m attending a different MLIS program but I’m hoping to switch so that I can finish faster. I’m not sure if you can see my email address but feel free to contact me at pinkney@ualberta.ca

  2. Kamryn Wies

    I’ve been researching MLIS programs for a while but haven’t had anything say “PICK ME! PICK ME!” Then, I discovered Western. No other program interests me nearly as much as this one but I’m worried about not ‘making the cut’. I was hoping you might have some advice or information to pass on that may help me increase my likelihood in being accepted at Western for a January start. I am an international student from the US. Please feel free to email me at kamrynwies@gmail.com.

  3. Rachel A Vandenberg


    I wrote earlier. What kind of computer did you work on while at your MLIS at Western? Could I succeed with a Chromebook?

    – Rae


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