Libraries and the age of Trump

Ok, so the only thing on the news, social media and in the office is how trump won and everyone is screwed. I personally think everyone is overeating and the problems of the American people, that have been there for quite some time, are finally at the forefront. Time to deal with your issues America.

This post is not a rant about trump. It is a post about what libraries can do while people are in crisis (real or imagined). A lot of people are scared, confused, and just going nuts over the election results. Libraries all over America and the world can help alleviate some of this stress by being beacons of your community.

Libraries have long been centers for free speech, protection, education and freedom. In this time of hysteria we need to stand tall and offer people guidance and appeal to their real information needs. We need to remain calm so that these people can look at the situation, and move through this time of crisis. We should not take sides, but offer perspective to all who want it Left, Right, Democrat or Republican.

Libraries were there for the people when Huricane Katrina destroyed the east coast, Libraries were there when New Orleans was almost swallowed by the Gulf of Mexico, Libraries were there for those in Baltimore during the cities crisis. We stand together and are strong beacons of community, and we are here for the people now.


1 thought on “Libraries and the age of Trump

  1. Rose

    Hurricane Katrina didn’t destroy the East Coast. Katrina hit New Orleans and surrounding areas. The one on the East Coast was Sandy. I know. It destroyed my house.


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