Monthly Archives: July 2016

Pokemon GO and your library

So, the poke-ocalypse is upon us. People everywhere are playing pokemon go. It has united and divided people, it gets people moving and it is more additive the some illegal street drugs.

This game is taking the world by the bull horns and going off into left field. Aside from the stories about people playing pokemon go at a funeral, walking off a cliff, and being shot at (just check a news feed and you will see these among other nasty faults) the game is a pretty positive thing. It has also started bringing people back to community centers such as public libraries.

I am no Poke-nerd, but my understanding is many public places act as centers in the game known as poke stops and poke gyms. Some people at libraries have figured out that with so many people coming to the library now to catch pokemon why not use it to their advantage.

The Children’s Services Librarian at Fort Francis Public Library has started a pokemon scavenger hunt for kids. Another library I heard was having a Pokemon go tour and taking people on poketours of their area so people could get help finding the electronic little monsters in game.

My branch Librarian at the Laurentian Hills Library has been hosting pokemon card trading days for months, and now with pokemon becoming the big thing again I expect numbers to increase even more. She is also doing her own pokemon card give away by having kids take out books to win a chance at some cards.

Libraries can take advantage of these tech crazes. Not only are we well positioned in the public eye to do so, but we have a wealth of technical knowledge. Take advantage of these fads and phone based games. They can be used to facilitate library use, walk in traffic, and even some boosted circulation numbers.