Monthly Archives: April 2016 can libraries/books help?

In Northern Ontario there is currently a suicide crisis going on. In the small first nations community of Attawapiskat there are young adults taking their own live or making pacts to do so in groups. I am of the opinion that libraries and people with used books could save lives and would love to see more libraries come together and help these troubled teens.

I had a bit of a troubled teen life myself, but nothing compared to what these kids are going through. I got through it with good family, friends, and books. I spent much of my time in high school reading. I found it to be a way to escape whatever was bothering me at the time and believe it could be helpful to others in a situation like what is going on up north.

I propose anyone reading this please contact your library about sending a book (or five) to Attawapiskat. If a lot of people and libraries did this we could build a sort of library/book exchange up there and give these kids something to keep them occupied, encourage them to read, and possibly find hope in the pages of a novel.

Libraries can save lives…books can be the answer…or inspiration for children to continue to fight the sense of hopelessness and lonelyness that many people suffer through. I urge people to reach out to these kids and pay that old book forward…it brought joy and hope to you once, let it continue to work its magic on others.