In response to “Librarianship as non-functional profession” on Linkedin

So I came across a post on LinkedIn called Librarianship as non-functional profession after reading the question I was so fired up I decided to write a blog post about it. Here is the question:

What can you say about the people saying that librarians will be no longer needed because of the advent of Google or Internet Searching? and Books (printed) are no longer usable for reading/researching bcoz of the internet.

Here is my response(to part one of that question):

I say bullocks! Libraries are more relevant now than ever. Today people think they can google anything, and they can, but they have no idea how to sift through the google search and find relevant information or even how to do a proper search. If I search “the war of 1812” even in google scholar (even with quotes around it I got 50,800 results in 0.12 sec. That is a tonne of information. Can the average person or undergraduates even begin to comprehend or sift that?

Libraries have changed from houses of information to masters of information. A library has access to many online databases most people have no idea exist, let alone have access to. Librarians can help teach a person to sift through google more efficiently and help them find exactly what they are looking for, rather than 50,00 generic articles on the war of 1812. Using basic boolean terms I narrowed my search to the impact of war of 1812 on Canadian culture and got 695 results.

Libraries also act as free information spaces. There are many people who don’t have access to the most basic internet connection (yes kiddies that is true). Libraries offer a free and accessible place for people with no or little access a safe place to get the information they would otherwise not have access to.

In conclusion, libraries are a necessity in our society, regardless of the ignorance of the masses libraries will continue to be a necessity, even in a more electronically connected society.

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