My first week at Ignace School

Well I made it. 17 hours of driving and two stops on the way up. I have found the environment to be harsh and the people friendly. Working in such a small environment proves to have its advantages, as well as its disadvantages. My first week has been littered with informal meetings in the hall with other staff and students, as well as a bit of a laid back atmosphere.

I have found that things move slower up here, and being that I am one of only two library professionals in the school I am generally left to rule the library with an iron fist…..not really, but I am left to my own devices. The other library tech is now a supply teacher and her availability in the school is limited.

I have taken it upon myself to slowly, but surely re-imagine the libraries. I have taken a survey of the students and staff, and found a few things out about the library purposes. The senior library acts as not only a house for books, but also a communal lunch area. As well students and staff saw the library as primarily a giant bookshelf, but also as a place to sit quietly and do work. The idea of a book-fair and skyping in authors from time to time seems to be popular as well.

I have began the task of weeding the elementary library. Many books are donated to the school apparently, as some books are over 40 years of age. I am taking a liberal approach to weeding and only skimming some of the older books. I have also begun consolidating shelves, as I believe I could cut some of the excess shelving.

Some time this week I am to begin training for the tech side of the job. I am the first line in tech issues and distribution of tech. We shall see how the tech training goes.

The northern journey continues….

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