In the beginning

In the beginning there was only darkness, actually it was more like a range of emotions. I received a call from Ignace School notifying me I had been chosen as the School Librarian. For those who don’t know Ignace is in Northern, Ontario approximately 3 hours west of Thunder bay, Ontario.

After I got the call, as mentioned above, I went through a range of emotions. This was going to be a big change for me. I went from pure excitement at having my first job out of school, Apprehension of leaving what I knew, and fear of the unknown.

Excitement – I was pumped. My first real job out of School. A full time job to boot. I was moving to a new community, known for its lake resorts and outdoor tourism.

Apprehension – I was a bit anxious, I have never made a move this far, away from everything I knew. I grew up in Southern Ontario and this was gonna be a huge change.

Fear of the Unknown – After a few days I began looking excitedly at places to live, people to meet, and learning more about the school I was going to. It slowly dawned on me that this could go horribly wrong. What if I didn’t find a place to live? What if the job didn’t work out, what if I froze to death?

This was going to be huge. I was so excited for the experience, but terrified at the same time. I have found temporary lodging and the school has been very helpful with finding the accommodations I have. I am now packing to move up there and will be making the 2,000km drive north from London, On to Ignace, On. Next stop frozen north.

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