Monthly Archives: February 2014

Looking forward…so very far forward.

So third and final semester is underway. I’ve tried to stay focused, but find myself looking forward and having less than adequate attention on my schoolwork. Being in my final semester my eye is on the prize. I am looking for jobs and contacts, not really caring as much as I should about my assignments. I tried front loading my schedule, in an attempt to avoid this, but my classes don’t let me do that all the time. I tried doing as much as I could for january, february is a little dead in the assignment sector, but March is going to kick my butt. Gotta try to stay focused.

I had read, in an older blog about the program, that this was a possibility. No employers really look at marks and I’ve only got 2-3 months till I am graduated….I need to find a job! So do I really need 90’s across the board? I spoke to a bunch of graduated students and the general concensus is 70’s are easily half-assed, and as long as I can keep my school assignments straight I should be able to manage a half descent grade average.

A few tips for those who might enter their final semester and be overwhelmed

1. Keep looking forward, but remember….you can’t get any of those jobs you’ve been applying for all semester if you don’t graduate

2. Try to do as much as you can the first 3-4 weeks. Gonna be one hell of a storm at the begining of the semsester, but the more you complete the less you have to worry about later on.

3. Keep your head in the game, I understand we want to get those jobs, but try to focus on school and just soldier through it.